Diary/CV (excerpts)

February 22nd 1984
Visiting Gotham Book Mart, located in the Diamond District in New York, I acquire a copy of The Non-Objective World, the first English edition of Kazimir Malewich’s Die Gegenstandslose Welt (photo below), published by Paul Theobald and Company, Chicago, in 1959. Back at the hotel, I find a card (photo below), obviously used as a bookmark, inserted on page 69. The card reads:

With Compliments

Ernst Beyeler

The card is yellowed; yet a closer look reveals a white field reminiscent of the discoloured area on a wall, after a picture has been removed. Obviously something has masked out parts of the card, leaving a bright white square framed by the yellowed surface. Page 69 shows an illustration titled: The basic suprematist element: the square. 1913. This is Malewich´s first version of The Black Square. The transformation of the surface on Beyeler’s complimentary card pre-articulates a pictorial theme of Malewich yet to come; white square on white ground, re-found in the colour scheme of this aged card. I decide to keep the card on page 69, as a reminder of its iconological relevance to the content of the book.

(Added June 2009: On Wednesday, June 10th I attend a book auction at Stockholm’s Auction House, finally acquiring the first German edition of Kasimir Malewich Die Gegenstandslose Welt, Bauhausbücher 11, edited by Walter Gropius and Moholy Nagy, published by Albert Langen Verlag, Munich, in 1927.)

(Added June 2011: "That you chose to write on Reinhardt is your affair but to have discussed Reinhard in a whole article without mentioning my black painting, Abraham, the first and still the only black painting in history!" - Barnett Newman´s response to Barbara Rose´s article in Vogue on November 1, 1966 in: Yve-Alain Bois: On Two Paintings by Barnett Newman, October 108, 2004.)

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1990 National Academy of Fine Art, Oslo
1988-90 Düsseldorf Art Academy (DAAD-Fellow)
1986-88 National Academy of Fine Art, Oslo
1983-85 National College of Art and Design, Oslo
1981-83 Oslo University (Philosophy/Law)

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2022 LCM (Cologne), Galleri Opdahl/Art Cologne, Köln
2022 Flowers of Evil, OSL contemporary, Oslo
2022 Provenir, Galleri Opdahl, Stavanger
strong>2020 La Collection Moderne (Čiurlionis), Vartai Gallery, Vilnius
2020 A modernistic Endpoint, The Vigeland Museum, Oslo
2020 In Order of Appearance, OSL contemporary, Oslo
2018 Museum Work
Nasjonalgalleriet Oslo/The National Gallery, Oslo
2017 Mirror falling from the Wall, Galleri Opdahl, Stavanger
2016 Originals Grisaille, OSL contemporary, Oslo
2015 Evening Drawings/Abendzeichnungen, Galleri Opdahl, Stavanger
2014 Evening Drawings/Abendzeichnungen, OSL contemporary, Oslo
2012 Balance of Painters, OSL contemporary, Oslo
2012 Originals, Opdahl Gallery, Berlin
2010 The E. Beyeler Obituary Phenomenon, The Institute of Social Hypocrisy, Paris
2010 La Collection Moderne I, Opdahl Gallery, Berlin
2010 La Collection Moderne II, MGM Gallery, Oslo
2009 Dysfunctional Male Parent, Nivet-Carzon, Paris
2007 Eternally Vanishing Bodies, Opdahl Gallery, Berlin
2007 Figure, MGM Gallery, Oslo
2006 Amor Vacui, Opdahl Gallery, Stavanger
2004 Cabinet, Soelvberget Gallery, Stavanger
2003 Foliage, MGM Gallery, Oslo
2002 Vocabulary, Soelvberget Gallery, Stavanger
2001 Sinthome, Bruening+Zischke, Duesseldorf
1999 Sinthome, Soelvberget Gallery, Stavanger
1998 Abendzeichnungen, Brüning+Zischke, Duesseldorf
1997 Sinthome, Bott Gallery, Cologne
1994 Spalt, Art Museum Gelsenkirchen
1993 Double, Kunst-Werke, Berlin
1992 Zaun, Borbeck Castle, Essen
1991 Lequeu, Stadshil Gallery, Copenhagen
1990 Kunstnerforbundet Oslo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2020 A Collective Chaosmos, Kunsthall Oslo
There is no Place like Home, OSL contemporary, Oslo
2019 Charlotte Wankel og L'Esprit Nouveau, Galleri F15
Erwerbungen der GMKD, Albertinum, Gemäldegalerie neue Meister, Dresden
2018 Nordic Views, Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, Copenhagen
Norway Contemporary! - Landschaftsmalerei von der Romantik bis zur Moderne,
MKdW, Museum Kunst der Westküste, Föhr
Northern Exposure, Nordic Museum, Seattle
2017 The Armory Show, OSL contemporary, New York
2016 Art Brussels, OSL contemporary, Oslo
Tegnebiennalen, Tegnerforbundet Oslo
Expanding Frontiers, Fondation Hippocrène, Paris
Mimesis Machine, The National Theatre, Oslo
Gallery Artists, OSL contemporary, Oslo
2015 In search of Matisse, Henie Onstad Art Centre
Performing the Black Mountain Archive, in the exhibition Black Mountain,
an interdisciplinary Experiment, The National Gallery in Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
2014 Art Brussels, OSL contemporary
An Appetite for Painting, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo
2013 Elgin&Kox, Opdahl Gallery, Stavanger
Carnegie Art Award, The Art Academy, Stockholm
Market, OSL contemporary, The Art Academy, Stockholm
2012 MoDERNISM MACHINE, Henie Onstad Art Centre
Sidetracks, Painting in the Paramodern Continuum, Rogaland Art Museum, Stavanger
Mesmerized, Opdahl Gallery, Berlin
Prisms, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo
Fliegen, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
Matter of Words, OSL contemporary, Oslo
Millenium Magazines, MoMA, New York
2011 Artissima 18, Opdahl Gallery, Torino
Screaming from the Mountain, Sørlandets Art Museum
Market, Opdahl Gallery, The Art Academy, Stockholm
2010 Konstruktiv! Beck&Eggeling New Quarters, Duesseldorf
Steinway Only, La Collection Contemporaine, Sommer&Kohl Gallery, Berlin
Das Versprochene Land, Albertinum, Gemäldegalerie neue Meister, Dresden
Paperfile on Tour, oqbo Gallery, Berlin in Edvard Munch Haus, Warnemünde
The Educational Art Show, MFAPS, Oslo
2009 Trafo Gallery 1, Trafo Art Hall, Asker
Kunstakademiet 100 år, The National Museum of Art, Architecture and
Design/Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo
Hotchpotch, Studio, Oslo Open
New Works, MGM Gallery, Oslo
2008 Third International Art Biennial, National Museum of Art Beijing
Rykk tilbake til start!, # 2, 0047 Gallery, Oslo
Ten Raised to the Eighty-first Power, MGM Gallery, Oslo
sic! Stavanger International Collection, Rogaland Art Museum, Stavanger
Market 2008, Konstakademien i Stockholm, Opdahl Gallery
Afternoon of a Duesseldorf Faun I, Galerie Andreas Brüning, Duesseldorf
2007 Transit Art Space, Stavanger
Obergeschoss dritter Finger rechts, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin
2006 Art Chicago, Andreas Bruening Gallery, Duesseldorf
2005 Art Forum Berlin, Opdahl Gallery, Stavanger
Art Chicago, Andreas Bruening Gallery, Duesseldorf
2004 Berlin North, The National Gallery in Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
Art Chicago, Andreas Bruening Gallery, Duesseldorf
Art Forum Berlin, Soelvberget Gallery, Stavanger
2003 sic! –so far, Sic Collection, Stavanger
Tromsø Art Assosciation
Art Forum Berlin, Andreas Bruening Gallery, Duesseldorf
In Residence, Nordic Embassies, Berlin
2002 Carnegie Art Award, Victoria Miro Gallery, London/
Kópavogur Art Museum/Art Academy, Stockholm/ Helsinki Art Hall
Bomuldsfabriken Art Hall, Arendal
Painting as a Place to be, nifca, Gaevle Art Centre
Cabinet with Outfit, Andreas Bruening Gallery, Duesseldorf
2001 F15 Gallery, Moss
Carnegie Art Award, ARKEN Museum for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen/
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
Imperfect, Bomuldsfabriken Art Hall, Arendal/ Trondheim Art Assosciation/
54 Gallery, Gothenburg
Lines, Kai Hilgemann Gallery, Berlin
2000 Illuminations, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo
The Flux of Painting, Sørlandets Artmuseum, Kristiansand
Imperfect, Rogaland Art Museum, Stavanger
Project for the Autumn Exhibition, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
1999 Brüning+Zischke, Duesseldorf
Edvard Munch-Haus, Warnemuende
..not quite minimal, Bott Gallery, Cologne
1998 Norwegian Profiles, Rostock Art Hall
1997 Birkás-Elgin-Maning, Albertinum, Gemaeldegalerie neuer Meister, Dresden
Roger Bjorkholmen Gallery, Stockholm
1996 Space for Contemporary Art, Rotor Gallery, Gothenburg
Norwegian Profiles,Folkwang Museum/Zollverein, Essen
1995 Neher Gallery, Essen
In the League, Heer Gallery, Oslo
Library, Otto Plonk Gallery, Bergen
1994 Double, Heer Gallery, Oslo
Library, UKS, Oslo
1992 Makroville, Duesseldorf Art Museum
1991 Kunst, Europa, Bayreuth Museum of Fine Art
Billed-Rom, Oslo Art Assosciation
1990 Treibhaus 5, Duesseldorf Art Museum
Status 1990, UKS, Oslo

Selected Public Comissions and Projects

2007 Norwegian Embassy, Copenhagen
2006 Consultant for NHO - Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, Oslo
2006 Consultant for The Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities
2005 Statoil Boardroom, Stavanger
2004 Statoil Solastrand Guest House, Stavanger
2002 Art Consultant for Border Veterinary Center, Oslo Central Airport
2002-2004 Curator for the International Collection, Norwegian Parliament
2001 Moss Public School

Selected Public Collections

Gemäldegalerie Neue Meister, Albertinum, Dresden
The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo
HOK, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter
Soerlandets Art Museum, Kristiansand
Nordnorsk Art Museum, Tromsoe
Stavanger Art Museum, Stavanger
Norwegian Arts Council, Oslo
Oslo Muncipal Art Collection
sic! Stavanger International Collection, Stavanger
The Corporate Collection of the National Bank of Norway
Telenor Art Collection
The Norwegian Foreign Ministry
Provinzial Art Collection, Hamburg
Hypo Bank Art Collection, Frankfurt
O.M. Ungers Collection, Cologne

Selected Prizes and Awards

2014 Carnegie Art Award, 1 Prize
2008 RCCL Arts Grant
1999 Stipendiat des Edvard Munch Hauses, Warnemünde

1991 Dr. Ragnar Forsbergs legat
1988/90 Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
1988 Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards fond 

1987 Johan Finnes legat


2010-2016 Professor KHiO, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, The Academy of Fine Art

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